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A Better Balance Leads Effort to Oppose Judge Barrett’s Confirmation, A Threat to Working Families

We authored and sent a letter to the Senate expressing our strong opposition to the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett— signed by 95 groups that support the rights of workers to care for themselves and their loved ones without compromising their economic security. As we express in the letter, the rushed confirmation process currently underway is a disgrace. It undermines the significance of the Supreme Court as an institution and disrespects Justice Ginsburg’s legacy. Furthermore, Judge Barrett’s record has made clear that she is opposed to the rights of working people and unsympathetic to the needs of their families—being a successful woman and mother does not make Judge Barrett an appropriate successor to Justice Ginsburg.

A Better Balance Condemns Trump’s Supreme Court Pick, A Threat to Democracy & Equality

With this nomination, our fundamental rights are at stake, from health care to workers' rights to protections from discrimination. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who the nominee would replace, spent her entire career and her time on the Court fighting for equal justice for all Americans. We urge the Senate to wait to confirm Justice Ginsburg's replacement to the Supreme Court until Americans vote in the next election and their choice for President can make the selection. Only through a fair and democratice process can the Supreme Court meet its mandate to provide "equal justice under law."

Update from the Courts: Victory for Paid Sick Leave in Pittsburgh!

Earlier this week, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court handed down a long-awaited decision upholding Pittsburgh’s paid sick time ordinance. The City of Pittsburgh, with assistance from A Better Balance and many other community organizations, passed the ordinance nearly four years ago to the day—on August 3, 2015—but its implementation had been on hold while a lawsuit against the law made its way through the court system.
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