WOW Unwrapped: 2024 Legislative Recap (with Lift Louisiana and 10,000 Women Louisiana)

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On June 20, A Better Balance’s legal fellow Carmen McCoy spoke at Women on Wednesday’s Legislative Recap to highlight the economic justice bills introduced this past session in Louisiana. There were many bills this session that would have a positive impact on the economic security of Louisiana families, including SB 426, the paid parental leave for public K-12 staff bill, that we worked on alongside the Louisiana paid leave coalition. The event was joined by over 20 state advocates and also three Louisiana State Representatives. Paid leave was highlighted as one of the most important policies we should be working towards as Representative Aimee Freeman noted that the family leave bill for K-12 teachers is amenable to all legislators and businesses. A Better Balance is proud to continue fighting for the economic justice of all families.

Watch a recording of this event below:

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