Our Issues

Future of Work

The way we work is changing. Millions of Americans are working in ways that do not fit neatly within the traditional employer/employee framework; at the same time, many of those in traditional employee roles have work that is unreliable and underprotected. We are fighting for a fairer future of work that ensures all workers have the rights and protections they need, regardless of the way they work or how they are classified. 

We’re advancing groundbreaking new workplace protections and benefits that truly meet the needs of today’s workforce, with a particular focus on the needs of workers too often left out of our labor laws, like independent contractors, temporary workers, seasonal workers, and domestic workers. 

Policy Research & Advocacy

Our research highlights how innovative policies like paid family and medical leave, paid sick time, and anti-discrimination protections for independent contractors offer exciting opportunities to develop workplace standards that truly work for a changing workforce and critical lessons for broader policy conversations. This research both feeds and builds upon our policy advocacy at the federal, state, and local levels for inclusive, effective, and responsive solutions to pressing and emerging issues, like worker misclassification and the challenges facing temporary workers

Resources for Workers

Particularly for the most vulnerable workers, outreach and education is essential to ensure that workers know about and can use their rights. Our targeted resources empower contingent and historically underprotected workers by providing information and guidance tailored to their needs. 

1 in 5

Number of US workers engaging in nonstandard work


Percentage of women-owned business with no employees

1 in 10

Number of net new jobs since the Great Recession that are temporary

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