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Report: Pregnant and Finally Protected: One Year Later, the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Provides a Lifeline to Workers

Report: Preempting LGBTQ+ Rights: How States Undermine Local Leadership and Innovation on LGBTQ+ Equality


Report: Winning The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act: An Inside Story and Lessons Learned from the Decade-Long Fight for Justice, Fairness, and Equality

Report: The Time Is Now: Building the Paid Family and Medical Leave New Yorkers Need

Report: States Leading on Leave: A Playbook on Winning Paid Family and Medical Leave


Report: Women in the Workforce: Advancing a Just Recovery in New York City

Report: Sick Without a Safety Net: Now Is the Time to Build on State Successes With a Federal Paid Sick Time Law

Report: Centering the Experiences of Black Mamas in the Workplace: How The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Can Support Black Maternal Health 

Report: From Statehouses to Congress: Paving the Way for the Federal Pregnant Workers Fairness Act


Report: Long Overdue (June 2021 Update): The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act is a Critical Measure to Remove Barriers to Women’s Workplace Participation and Promote Healthy Pregnancies

Report: Our Crisis of Care: Supporting Women and Caregivers During the Pandemic and Beyond



Report: Beyond the Breadwinner: Professional Dads Speak Out on Work and Family

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