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The Federal Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

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Inspired by an A Better Balance Op-Ed in The New York Times, Congress first introduced the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA) in 2012. A Better Balance worked with legislators to draft the bill and we are leaders in the campaign to make the PWFA a reality.

The PWFA ensures pregnant workers will not be fired unnecessarily or denied reasonable job modifications that will keep them working while maintaining a healthy pregnancy. A bipartisan federal PWFA will end the patchwork of statewide laws and make it clear that all pregnant workers in this country deserve reasonable job accommodations. The PWFA was most recently re-introduced in 2019 with bipartisan support in the House, and A Better Balance testified at the bill’s first ever hearing. See below for comprehensive resources on the legislation. In September 2020, the House of Representatives passed the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act in an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote, 329-73! 

Resources on the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

Fact Sheets

Pregnant Workers’ Experiences:

ABB Reports

Congressional Testimony

Organizational Letters of Support

For a full list of letters from the advocacy community, see hereLetters of Support during the 117th Congress (2021 – 2022)

Letters of Support during the 116th Congress (2019 – 2020): 


Take Action

Business Support

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