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In Advance Of One Year Anniversary Of Women’s March, A Better Balance Releases New Easy-to-Use Guide To Women’s Rights At Work

In Advance of One Year Anniversary of Women’s March, A Better Balance Releases New Easy-to-Use Guide to Women’s Rights at Work

Written by top women’s rights experts, The Working Woman’s Pocket Guide
gathers essential laws, policies and resources New York women need to know.

NEW YORK — A Better Balance, a national legal advocacy organization founded in 2006 to advance policies and advocate for working families nationwide, has released a new guide to working women’s rights and resources, called The Working Woman’s Pocket Guide: A Better Balance’s Guide to Knowing Your Rights as a Working Woman in New York, to mark the one-year anniversary of the Women’s March.

“A year ago we participated in the biggest mass protest the world has ever seen. It was important for us to see each other, hear each other and support each other,” explains Dina Bakst, co-founder and co-president of A Better Balance. “We encourage women and men to stay informed and engaged on the laws and policies that impact our lives, our families and our careers.”

Written by A Better Balance’s team of top women’s rights and civil rights lawyers, The Working Woman’s Pocket Guide offers an easy-to-use list of resources and answers to pressing issues New York women still face in the workplace, including:

“In an era when women’s rights are under attack more than ever, we believe that knowledge is power,” adds Bakst. “That’s why our team of legal experts has created this simple easy-to-use guide.”

Download a copy of The Working Woman’s Pocket Guide here.

Have questions about your own rights? Call A Better Balance’s free, confidential legal hotline at 1 (212) 430-5982 or its free, confidential paid family leave hotline (in English and Spanish) at 1 (833) NEED-ABB.


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