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Pregnant Workers Fairness

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Know Your Rights: Pregnancy Accommodations at Work in New York State

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Pregnant and Jobless

Pregnant Workers FairnessPregnant Workers FairnessPress Releases

Press Release: 37 Years Later, Pregnant Women Still Choose Between Paycheck and A Healthy Pregnancy: New Report From A Better Balance Makes the Case for Federal Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

New YorkNYPregnant Workers Fairness

Press Release: New Rights for New York Women Signed Into Law Today: A Better Balance Applauds Governor Cuomo for Signing Key Bills into Law that Tackle Discriminatory Barriers and Inequality in the Workplace

GuideKnow Your RightsPregnant Workers Fairness

Guide: Applying and Interviewing for Jobs While Pregnant

LetterPregnant Worker FairnessPregnant Workers Fairness

150+ Organizations Nationwide Support the PWFA. Co-Sponsor Today! (114th Congress)

CommentsPregnant Workers FairnessPregnant Workers Fairness

Comments on the West Virginia Human Rights Commission’s proposed regulations to implement the PWFA

Breastfeeding While WorkingBreastfeeding While WorkingCaregiver

Know Your Rights: New Legal Protections for Working Women in New York

Pregnant Workers FairnessPregnant Workers FairnessTestimony & Comments

Comments in support of the Department of Labor’s proposed update to sex discrimination rules covering federal contractors

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