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Five Ways To Thank And Support Workers This Labor Day

Five Ways to Thank and Support Workers this Labor Day

Labor Day is a day to celebrate the achievements and hard work of America’s workforce. As an organization dedicated to fighting for working families, that makes it one of our favorite holidays. To mark the day, we want to highlight five ways you can thank and support all the workers in your life:

  1. Help spread the word about workers’ rights. Knowledge is power. ABB is constantly updating our resources to provide reliable and accessible information about the patchwork of workplace laws to help you succeed at work while caring for yourself or your family. We have information on everything from paid family and medical leave to paid sick time to pregnancy and parenting.
  1. Make sure workers know they can get help. Did you know that we run a free, confidential legal clinic where you can get help if you think your rights at work have been violated or if you just have questions about your rights? We do. And we’re here to help answer your questions. You can reach us at (212) 430-5982 in our New York Office and 615-915-2417 in our Southern Office.
  1. Advocate for stronger workplace protections. Every day, we fight for better protections for working families from expanding the definition of family to passing paid family and medical leave laws to paid sick time laws to pregnancy & lactation accommodations to fair schedules to equal pay and beyond. Check out our campaigns page to learn more!
  1. Fight back against bad policies. While we work to pass sensible, effective legislation, there is also some misguided legislation out there. For instance, Senator Marco Rubio recently introduced a paid family and medical leave bill that would provide parental benefits by cutting social security. We urge workers to speak out against this misguided proposal and push for legislation that would give workers the real, comprehensive paid family and medical leave they need without risking their retirement.
  1. Defend local progressive legislation. We are working with advocates and elected officials across the country to strengthen and defend local governments, elected officials, and progressive local policies that are increasingly under attack. To learn more visit our “Defending Local Democracy” page.

We have come a long way in the fight for working families but still have a long way to go. This Labor Day, we’re pausing to say thank you while continuing to look ahead at new and innovative ways to support the economic backbone of our great nation: working families.

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