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Family Leave Works For Military Families

Family Leave Works for Military Families

Are you a New York worker who has a loved one serving on active duty abroad? If so, you may be eligible to take up to 8 weeks of paid family leave to address certain needs arising out of your loved one’s military service.

New York’s new paid family leave law will give most people who work in New York State the right to take paid time off, without risking their job or their health insurance, when a close family member is deployed or about to be deployed abroad. This leave can be taken in certain situations before, during, or after the deployment of your child, parent, parent-in-law, spouse, or domestic partner.

You could use this leave, for example, to make financial or legal arrangements for your loved one, rearrange childcare or eldercare plans, or to attend official military events or support programs. This leave can also be used to spend time with a your loved one for up to 15 days during a short-term, temporary rest and recuperation leave during deployment.

For more information on New York’s paid family leave law, visit us online or call our free and confidential hotline at 1-833-NEED-ABB. 

This blog post is part of an on-going series of know-your-rights information on New York’s paid family leave law. This post does not address all aspects of the law and does not constitute legal advice.


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