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The Demands Of The Holiday Season Take A Toll On Working Families

The Demands of the Holiday Season Take a Toll on Working Families

With the holiday season underway and Christmas and Hanukkah around the corner, shopping for gifts and spending time with loved ones is top of mind for many. Unfortunately, as we’ve been hearing from our helpline callers, this time of year comes with increased hardship for many, especially for low-wage workers.

Workers in industries like retail, packing, and shipping often must work longer hours with little time off amidst the increased demands of the holiday season. These workers, including those in seasonal positions, are often paid low wages and subject to unpredictable and inflexible scheduling, with no rights to paid time off to spend with their own families on the holidays. 

The holidays can also be an especially stressful time for pregnant workers, who too often must fear being pushed out on leave because their employer is unwilling to make reasonable accommodations that would allow them to stay working and stay healthy. We’ve heard from women who, faced with losing their income, were left in the difficult position of foregoing gifts for their children. 

That’s why at A Better Balance, we’re fighting for policies to build a more just and equitable workplace, and to ensure that no workers are placed in the difficult position of choosing between their paycheck and the people they love—during the holidays, and year round. 

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