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Life happens—and not always on a schedule. Nearly half of all workers actively care for a child or elder relative, but few can access flexible work arrangements to help them manage those responsibilities.

In fact, abusive scheduling practices make it nearly impossible for many low-wage workers to arrange childcare, let alone budget effectively or advance their education. Existing law does little to help these workers and we can do better.

of employers allow most or all employees to have periodic flexibility in their start and stop times
Percentage of low-income workers cannot change their scheduled start or stop time if needed
of workers would like to have more flexible work options and would use them if there were no negative consequences at work

A Better Balance is helping states and localities develop solutions to the problem of unpredictable and abusive scheduling, and we are advancing legislation to grant all workers the right to request schedule changes without penalty, expanding access to fair and flexible work.

Right to Request Flexible Work

Countries around the globe have developed laws to help workers achieve flexibility in their schedules to address the ups and downs of life outside the workplace. A few states and cities in the U.S. are following their lead.

Visit the ABB Resources to learn more about federal, state, and local efforts to expand access to workplace flexibility.

The Schedules That Work Act

The Schedules That Work Act would give all workers the right to request a flexible or stable work schedule without fear of retaliation, and would promote predictable scheduling for workers in certain industries, ensuring that they receive compensation when their employers require them to be “on call.”

Visit the ABB Resources to learn more about the Schedules That Work Act.

To learn more about expanding access to fair and flexible work, visit the ABB Resources section on Fair & Flexible Work.

Here you’ll get a wealth of information, including:

  • Fact sheet on the need for fair workplace schedules
  • ABB testimony in support of the right to request alternative work arrangements
  • Reports on need for and success of flexible work policies

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