Ten Victories for Ten Years: Caregiver Discrimination, Women’s Equality, and Breastfeeding Rights

In honor of our tenth anniversary, we’re celebrating ten important victories over the ten weeks leading up to our Spring Celebration.

In 2007, A Better Balance delivered testimony in favor of a New York City proposed bill to ban discrimination against family caregivers in the workplace.  Nine years and countless fact sheets, strategy sessions, hearings, and re-writes later, employment discrimination based on caregiver status is illegal in New York City starting in May 2016.  In addition, thanks to ABB’s advocacy, employment discrimination based on a worker’s family status is now illegal across New York State as part of the Women’s Equality Act that passed in 2015.  These new laws make clear that parents, and others caring for loved ones, deserve fair treatment in the workplace.

Over the past decade, ABB has also spearheaded efforts to ensure women’s equality by increasing wage transparency, strengthening equal pay protections, and ensuring that nursing mothers can get the break time and space they need to express breast milk on the job.  In addition, thanks to our successful advocacy in support of an amendment to the New York State Breastfeeding Mother’s Bill of Rights, thousands more women each year will be informed of their workplace breastfeeding rights.


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