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This Thanksgiving, Poultry Workers Still Lack Adequate Health & Safety Protections

This Thanksgiving is sure to be an unconventional one, as families navigate staying safe during a spike in COVID-19 cases across the country. But when it comes to the demand for turkey on our plates, it’s business as usual—so we must keep fighting for the workers who process our food, who are denied the opportunity to care for their own health and their loved ones without jeopardizing their income. 

This Thanksgiving, Let’s Demand Better for Poultry Plant Workers

Thanksgiving is an opportunity to share a meal with family and celebrate those we care about. But it’s also an opportunity to stand up for the workers who process our food, who too often work in harsh conditions with low wages and little time off to care for their families and their own well-being.  

Standing with Poultry Workers Against Dangerous Working Conditions

The National Chicken Council submitted a petition to the federal government to exempt poultry processing plants from line speed requirements put in place for worker and consumer health and safety. ABB is particularly concerned about the result any line speed increase could have on pregnant workers, many of whom already risk their health on the job for fear of requesting reasonable accommodations.
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