Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Week of Action: May 3 -7

Respect Pregnancy. Honor Mothers. Demand Equality.
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This Mother’s Day, A Better Balance is leading dozens of organizations, advocates, and mothers in a Week of Action to raise awareness about the horrific treatment thousands of pregnant workers, disproportionately women of color, continue to face on the job every year, and to urge Congress to act now and pass the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act. 

See the below calendar of events and join A Better Balance for this Week of Action by following us on Twitter @ABetterBalance and Instagram @A_Better_Balance, as we uplift the voices of pregnant workers across the country who have been pushed off the job or have seen their health compromised because they can’t get modest accommodations to stay healthy and working. 

We encourage you to chime in and share your story using the hashtag #ProtectPregnantWorkers! 

Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Week of Action: May 3–7 Calendar of Events 

Monday, May 3rd: Announcing the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Week of Action 

Join dozens of organizations in sharing why, as Mother’s Day approaches, this is the moment for Congress to prioritize the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act—it is an urgent matter of maternal health and economic and racial justice, during the pandemic and beyond. 

Tuesday, May 4th: Join the TWITTER RALLY at 11am PT / 2pm ET

Join us as we take over Twitter to share stories, take action, and educate the public on the urgent need for the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act this Mother’s Day!

Wednesday, May 5th: SHARE YOUR STORY & Elevate the Voices of Pregnant Workers

Respecting pregnancy begins with respecting those who have experienced mistreatment at work while pregnant. We’ll be lifting up the voices of workers who have been pushed off the job or seen their health suffer due to a lack of pregnancy accommodations. We encourage you to share your story of how you have been affected by pregnancy discrimination. Learn more about the women who inspired the PWFA movement

Thursday, May 6th: TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress to Pass the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

Join us in writing your legislators and asking them to respect pregnancy and honor mothers by prioritizing the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act. We are urging House Leadership to bring the PWFA to a floor vote and urging Senators to sign on to the bill as a co-sponsor! Take action with us by writing your legislators and spreading the word.

Tune in via our Facebook page for a special event at 1 PM ET, hosted in partnership with Motherly and featuring opening remarks from Senator Bob Casey, followed by a discussion with Representative Jerry Nadler, Black Mamas Matter Alliance executive director Angela Aina, A Better Balance Community Advocate Armanda Legros, Motherly editor Jamie Orsini, and A Better Balance co-president Dina Bakst about the urgent need for the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.

Friday, May 7th: CONTINUING THE CONVERSATION and wrap-up 

We must keep this conversation going until the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act becomes law and no pregnant worker is forced to choose between their income and a healthy pregnancy!

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