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Our Callers: Highlight From The Paid Family Leave Hotline

Our Callers: Highlight from the Paid Family Leave Hotline

At a Better Balance, we run a free and confidential legal hotline in English and Spanish where anyone can ask questions about their New York paid family leave rights. Through the hotline, we help New Yorkers find out if they’re covered under the law, what their rights are, and how to apply.

We also speak with workers worried about bringing up paid family leave with their bosses. We provide information on their rights and sample language they can use to advocate for themselves in the workplace.

Last month, we got a call from Lindsay, a college counselor who is pregnant and had heard about the paid family leave law, but wasn’t sure whether it applied to her. She was scared to talk to her employer about taking parental leave because she was worried they would punish her for requesting leave. Lindsay called our hotline after watching our Facebook Live Q&A with Working Mother Magazine. We helped Lindsay better understand her rights and feel confident discussing leave with her employer.

Here is what Lindsay had to say about the experience:

“I work for an out-of-state remote employer, and was certain they would not know the law and may even be slightly malicious in their approach. I reviewed NY State’s paid family leave policy online, but still had questions about my specific situation. After speaking with A Better Balance, I clearly knew my rights and the correct language to use. A Better Balance was incredibly competent and professional, answered my call immediately, had thorough responses to all my unique questions, and brought up other points for me to consider. I hung up the phone feeling empowered and in trusted hands. This is a phenomenal resource for parents and I feel lucky to have found it.”

— Lindsay, New York

If you’re worried about talking to your boss about paid family leave or have questions about the law, call us at 1-833-NEED-ABB.

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