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Our Callers: Highlight From The Paid Family Leave Hotline

Our Callers: Highlight from the Paid Family Leave Hotline

At A Better Balance, we run a free and confidential legal hotline where anyone can ask questions about their New York paid family leave rights. Through the hotline, we help New Yorkers find out if they’re covered under the law, what their rights are, and how to apply.

A few months ago, Liz reached out to us with questions about the law. She works in the public sector and wasn’t sure if she could qualify for paid family leave. We talked her through how the law works and what her rights were. Liz was ultimately able to take paid family leave, in large part thanks to our help. Here’s what she had to say:

“I reached out to A Better Balance when I was confused about what parental leave I might be entitled to—my union had just agreed to opt-in to paid family leave, but no one seemed to have much information about how the program was going to work. I called A Better Balance, and they walked me through my rights, and helped me to understand how to better advocate for myself. In the end, I am receiving paid family leave, in large part because of the help I received from A Better Balance. Thank you!”

If you’re confused about how paid family leave applies to you or have questions about the law, call us at 1-833-NEED-ABB.

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