New Yorkers Urge Senator Schumer to Fight for Paid Leave in Letter & NYT Ad

With Senate Majority Leader Schumer's leadership, we know we can make paid leave for all a reality.
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Last week, New Yorkers from all walks of life sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Schumer, urging him to ensure paid family and medical leave remains part of the Build Back Better Act. Signers include elected officials, leaders in labor, business, entertainment, and the community, religious leaders, and hundreds of workers and caregivers from across the state. 

The letter, which was highlighted in a full-page New York Times ad, published in the December 12 paper, reads: 

“We thank you for your leadership to fight for working families in New York and across the country; the passage of paid leave this year would cement that legacy. Simply put, on your watch, paid leave must not be left on the cutting room floor… We know what access to paid leave—or more often the lack of it—has meant for our families, in times of crisis and beyond. It is the difference of whether hard-working Americans can safely heal and care for their loved ones and themselves. It is the difference of whether illnesses spread, whether small businesses stay open and thrive, whether families can stay afloat and hold onto their jobs.” 

Only 20% of workers in the U.S. have paid family and medical leave—and low-wage workers and women of color are especially likely to lack access to any paid leave. As one of the leading organizations who fought to pass paid family leave in New York in 2016, and as we continue our push for a national law, we are so proud to now bring together New Yorkers from across the state to demand this critical protection for every worker in the country. 

With Senate Majority Leader Schumer’s leadership, we know we can make paid leave for all a reality. Now more than ever, your Senators need to hear from you directly! Join us and help keep the momentum going by taking action today.

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