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This Father’s Day, Join Us In Celebrating & Supporting Male Caregivers

This Father’s Day, Join Us in Celebrating & Supporting Male Caregivers

In 2017, after Matt’s partner suffered a debilitating stroke, Matt became the primary caregiver to both his partner and the couple’s young son. But because his company didn’t have a paid leave policy, Matt couldn’t afford to take time off from work when his family needed him the most.

Everything changed when New York’s paid family leave law, a policy that A Better Balance led a multi-year, tireless fight for, went into effect earlier this year. Thanks to our guidance, Matt did end up taking the time. “It was amazing and aided in my partner’s recovery,” he said. The difference paid family leave made in their lives was “unimaginable.”

Today, we honor Matt and the millions of men in this country who care for young children, and the millions more who provide care for an older family member or sick loved one.

As we think about ways to express our appreciation for the fathers and father figures in our lives, let’s give them the greatest gift of all: time to care for their loved ones.

This Father’s Day, consider making a gift in honor of a special father figure in your life, and know that your contribution will help millions more care for their loved ones when they need it most. 

Join us as we continue pushing for policies that ensure no father, husband, partner, brother, or dear friend, has to choose between caring for a loved one and earning a paycheck.

Thank you for all you do.

Dina & Sherry

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