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The Time For Paid Leave For All Is Now

The Time for Paid Leave for All Is Now

Today marks the launch of Paid Leave for All: the largest-ever campaign to win an inclusive federal paid family and medical leave policy. We’re proud to be among the leaders of the Paid Leave for All collaborative—which includes dozens of state and national organizations—and fight for an inclusive paid family and medical leave policy that covers all working people and their families.

The U.S. is one of the only advanced countries in the world that doesn’t guarantee paid leave to its workers. As momentum builds with the growing number of states that have already passed paid family and medical leave laws, there is a growing consensus across the country that paid leave to care for a new child, a loved one with a serious illness or disability, or one’s own health is a necessity. Lack of access to paid leave hurts our families, our economy, and our health

The bottom line is this: no matter where you work or whom you love, you deserve the ability to care for yourself and your loved ones, without risking your job or your ability to pay your bills. At A Better Balance, we’ve been at the forefront of the movement for paid leave in the states and on the federal level. We’re proud to join together with our partners and fellow advocates to build power and win paid leave for all. 

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