Tell Congress to Build Back Better and Pass Paid Leave for All Now!

Join us in calling on Congress to invest in the care infrastructure working families urgently need.
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Right now, Congress is considering the Build Back Better Act, a robust package of legislation with urgent proposals to invest in working families and create the truly supportive care infrastructure our nation has always needed, now more than ever. 

Critically, the Build Back Better Act includes a bold, inclusive paid family and medical leave program that is poised to guarantee every worker in the country twelve weeks of leave to care for themselves and their loved ones. Congress must seize this once-in-a-generation opportunity and prioritize enacting robust, comprehensive, permanent paid leave. 

Paid leave—alongside other critical Build Back Better investments like childcare, the child tax credit, and healthcare—will provide economic security and a lifeline for working families who are struggling to stay afloat, especially for the women of color and frontline workers who have been shouldering the burden of the pandemic and the care crisis.

As Congress debates the scope of this package, we must ensure that these critical economic security measures for women, caregivers, and families do not end up on the chopping block. An opportunity to create sweeping, transformative changes to our systems of work and care will not come again easily. It is up to all of us to ensure our elected officials hear our voices as we demand better for working families. 

Please join us in telling your legislators to prioritize paid leave for all and pass the full scope of the current Build Back Better package. 

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