Take Action: Demand Comprehensive Paid Medical Leave in New York!

Join us in demanding a paid leave program that meets the needs of today’s New York families!
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For too long, New York’s paid medical leave program has been woefully inadequate and in need of urgent updates in order to meet the needs of New Yorkers who need to take time off work to recover from a serious illness or injury. The program’s weekly benefits amount has been capped at a meager $170 since 1989—that’s not even enough for the average New York family to buy groceries. 

But now, we have the chance to change that. A proposed law would create the strong, job-protected paid medical leave program (also known as Temporary Disability Insurance, or TDI) New Yorkers deserve—bringing the program up to par with the numerous other comprehensive state paid leave programs enacted across the country. 

New York made history when it passed Paid Family Leave in 2016—an effort which we are proud to have led. But now, that law, as well as our state’s paid medical leave law, have fallen behind. Join us in writing your representatives and urging them to modernize New York paid family and medical leave by passing S2821B/A4053B.

New Yorkers work hard to take care of their loved ones. Paid medical leave will ensure they can care for themselves, too. No one should be forced to risk their job and financial security as they navigate personal health crises like a cancer diagnosis, pregnancy complications, long COVID, or a car accident, or as they seek mental health treatment, substance abuse treatment, or gender affirming care they need and deserve. 

Please join us in demanding a paid leave program that meets the needs of today’s New York families! 

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