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Our Callers: Highlight From The Paid Family Leave Helpline

Our Callers: Highlight from the Paid Family Leave Helpline

At A Better Balance, we run a free and confidential legal helpline where anyone can ask questions about their New York paid family leave rights. Through the helpline, we help New Yorkers find out if they’re covered under the law, what their rights are, and how to apply.

We also help workers understand how paid family leave interacts with other paid time off they already have under an employer policy.

Late last year, Allison* reached out to us with questions about maternity leave. She works for an engineering company in NYC and was having trouble figuring out how NY paid family leave and FMLA interacted with her sick time and vacation days. We walked her through what rights she had and how they interacted with her existing time off. Earlier this month, Allison reached out to us again to let us know she was able to take all the leave she needed.

Here’s what Allison had to say:

“I returned to work part-time last week and I am very thankful for NY paid family leave. My first child was born before paid family leave was enacted and the difference has been huge. My employer granted me much more flexibility with my schedule this time. Before, I was forced to take all of my paid time off during my leave and I returned to work without a single day for vacation or illness for the next 8 months. Every sick day was at my employer’s discretion.

This time, I was able to use my vacation time under my own terms. I chose to use a portion of it to extend my leave. I’m also using a portion of NY paid family leave to work 4 days per week for two months as I readjust to the work force. I am thankful not only for the monetary value of NYPFL, but also for the flexibility it has given me to structure my leave as is best for me and my family. Thank you so much to ABB for your help in navigating this!”

If you’re confused about how paid family leave applies to you or have questions about the law, call us at 1-833-NEED-ABB.

* Name has been changed at workers’ request.

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