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New Report Provides Guidance For Engaging Health Community In Paid Family Leave Outreach

New Report Provides Guidance for Engaging Health Community in Paid Family Leave Outreach

In 2016, New York passed a landmark paid family leave law, under which benefits began on January 1, 2018. This law presents a game-changing opportunity to improve the health of working families, but only if workers know about and can use their new rights. Outreach and education are therefore crucial and health care providers are potentially invaluable partners in this effort. They are on the front lines, engaging with families on a daily basis.

Our new report, For the Health of Our Families: Engaging the Health Community in Paid Family Leave Outreach and Education, canvasses the research on the health benefits of paid family leave for working families at all stages of life. After extensive consultation with health leaders from across the state, the report lays out a series of expert recommendations for engaging health care providers and the broader health community in outreach and education around the law. At a time when an unprecedented number of states are working to create their own programs, these recommendations provide a blueprint not only for New York but for states across the country.

You can read the full report here.


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