New Data Shows Overwhelming Bipartisan Popularity of Paid Leave Among Voters

Support for paid leave across demographic and party lines is at an all-time high; We hope that our elected officials heed these findings and prioritize making paid leave a right for all workers nationwide.
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We have long been committed to advocating for paid family and medical leave for all workers. This critical protection is beneficial for workers, families, businesses, and the economy—and voters overwhelmingly understand that. According to new survey data from Lake Research Partners and Paid Leave for All, paid leave is incredibly popular among the larger public. 

The survey polled voters from key battleground states (Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, Florida, and Ohio) and found that nearly two thirds of surveyed voters strongly support paid family and medical leave. Support for these critical policies is at a historic high, across party lines and every demographic group: 96% of Democrats, 82% of Independents, and 76% of Republicans in these states favored paid family and medical leave. 

Support for paid leave is also historically high with young voters: Four in five Millennial and Gen Z voters (80%) and young women (80%) said that they would be motivated to vote by the creation of a paid leave program, as are 73% of young voters of color. 

We have seen strong state and local paid leave progress, and are proud that through our efforts, 14 states (including D.C.) have enacted paid family and medical leave programs. However, with no national paid family and medical leave program, millions of workers nationwide still lack this vital right. 

This new data reflects increased support for paid leave across every demographic, including suburban women and young voters of color. It is clear that the public is increasingly recognizing that paid leave is a common-sense solution to ensure workers can care for themselves and those closest to them in times of need. We will continue to work towards a future where all workers can take the time they need to attend to their health and caregiving needs without compromising their economic security, and we hope that our elected officials heed these findings and prioritize making paid leave a right for all workers, nationwide.

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