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Honor Dads This Father’s Day By Informing Them About Their Workplace Rights!

Honor Dads This Father’s Day by Informing Them About Their Workplace Rights!

Jeffrey, an HVAC technician living in Long Island, New York, recently called our free legal helpline with some serious concerns. With his seven year old’s school closed due to the coronavirus, and his wife an essential healthcare worker, Jeffrey was worried about his family’s options. We provided him with information about the laws that can help him take the paid leave he needs now, so he need not risk his family’s economic security to stay home with his child.

Today, we honor Jeffrey and the millions of men in this country who care for children, and the millions more who provide care for an older family member or sick loved one.

For dads and caregivers like Jeffrey everywhere, now more than ever, knowing their rights is critical. For example, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act covers many workers with paid sick leave to care for themselves and their loved ones when affected by the coronavirus, as well as paid family leave for use when a child’s school or place of care is closed. Crucially, the FFCRA includes a broad family definition, meaning workers can take paid leave to care for any of their closest loved ones.

So in honor of Father’s Day, please watch and share our new FAQ video series so the dads in your life are informed about their rights! And join us as we continue pushing for policies that ensure no father, husband, partner, brother, or dear friend ever again has to choose between caring for a loved one and earning a paycheck.

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