2022 In Review: Our Impact by the Numbers

Thanks to your partnership, we built out work-family justice across the country and extended critical workplace protections to millions of workers in 2022.
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This year, thanks to your solidarity and support, we’ve seen numerous victories for workers caring for themselves and their loved ones, including more protections for pregnant workers at the state level, new paid sick time laws, and millions of workers empowered by our implementation, education and outreach efforts. We’ve made waves in 2021, and we could not have done it without you by our side. Read on for a breakdown of just some of the progress we’ve made with your help, by the numbers!

As of 2022, 57 million workers across the U.S. have a right to paid sick time, thanks to our work passing state and local laws across the country.
All workers in Colorado— nearly 2,500,000 total individuals—accrued paid sick time in 2022, once the state law fully took effect.
Approximately 1,250,000 workers have begun to benefit from and exercise their rights under Connecticut’s paid family and medical leave program, which went into effect this year.
Nashville’s paid family leave program was expanded to cover 11,000 public school employees, bringing the total covered to over 21,000 individuals.
In 2022, we provided direct support to 1,900+ callers looking for information about their workplace rights via our free and confidential legal helpline.
125 moms from 42 states signed our open letter urging passage of the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, published as a New York Times full-page ad.

This progress is making a world of difference in the lives of countless individuals and families, and has only been possible thanks to you and your ongoing support of A Better Balance. 

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