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Open Letter: 125+ Mothers Urge Leader Schumer to Pass the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (New York Times Ad)

The below open letter from 125+ mothers from 42 states was published on 10/24 as a full-page ad in the New York Times. Join us in calling for a vote on the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act by taking action today.


“After I was pushed off the job due to my pregnancy, I had to use water in my son’s cereal because I could no longer afford milk.”

“Everyone said they were grateful to me for working the frontlines during the pandemic, but now I’m pregnant and no one will hire me.”

“I asked if I could have a water bottle when I was dizzy and nauseated from my pregnancy – I was nearly fainting every day. My employer said no.”

We represent the millions of former and current pregnant and postpartum workers – including retail workers, police officers, health care providers, manufacturing workers, and civil servants – many of us who were forced off the job during pregnancy or immediately after childbirth because we needed temporary, reasonable accommodations to protect our health.

The 44th anniversary of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act is just days away and we are here to tell you pregnancy discrimination is still rampant in this country. The law is failing us.

We know because, as working mothers, we experienced discrimination while pregnant or after giving birth.

We often faced terrible economic or health consequences as a result.

The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act is ready and waiting with the votes to pass and would end the inequality and injustice we faced.

It’s 2022, and we still don’t have an explicit federal right to pregnancy-related accommodations, including breastfeeding support. In fact, a stunning two-thirds of pregnant workers are losing their request for accommodation cases in federal court. All we are asking for are the same sorts of reasonable accommodations the law already guarantees for workers with disabilities.

We desperately need a solution to stay healthy and attached to the workforce.

We need you to act when you return to Washington in November.

We have been told, especially during the pandemic, that women are essential to our economy and the future of our nation. It is time we are treated that way.

Please listen to our voices.

Don’t fail pregnant women and families like us on your watch.

Pass the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.


Alexis Murphy, Alabama

Marquita Dudley, Alabama

Michelle Durham, Alabama

Regina Bean, Alabama

Stephanie Hicks, Alabama

Gloria Thompson, Alaska

Jessica Chiang, Arizona

Anglyn Hays, Arkansas

Alina Johnson, California

Chelsea Sevy, California

Chonita Foster, California

Esther Conrriquez, California

Felicita Tino, California

Gladys Cruz, California

Kelby Poppe, California

Leonetine Willis, California

Lily Wang, California

Linda Cornejo, California

Michelle Del Real, California

Rachel Verdugo, California

Samantha Koutny, California

Sarah Lehat, California

Cynthia Immel, Colorado

Diana Heymann, Connecticut

Bettina Schutzbach, Florida

Bianca Deleon, Florida

Corinne Woodland, Florida

Cyndel Pagan, Florida

Frances Vasquez, Florida

Joanna Padilla, Florida

Samantha Ferrante, Florida

Sarah Alicea, Florida

Peggy Dobbins, Georgia

May Paulele, Hawaii

Amanda Cleveland, Illinois

Andrea Earl, Illinois

Bridget Ryan, Illinois

Cassandra Lewis, Illinois

Daisy Sandoval, Illinois

Hailey Atherton, Illinois

Jennifer Panattoni, Illinois

Julia Vetrie, Illinois

Kelly Dennis, Illinois

Mary Garrison, Illinois

Susana Marin, Illinois

Tracie Timme, Illinois

Mary Henning, Indiana

Paige Peterson, Indiana

Shawn Lewis, Indiana

Amber Beitzel, Iowa

Brianna Rogers, Iowa

Jean Swenson, Iowa

Joy Reindl, Kentucky

Lyndi Trischler, Kentucky

Pamela Pidgeon, Kentucky

Samantha Riley, Kentucky

Denizer Carter, Louisiana

Edwanda Mckinnis, Louisiana

Elizabeth Castro, Maine

Jamie Irwin, Maryland

Kisha Brown, Maryland

Manda Jackson, Maryland

Roselie Bright, Maryland

Tracey Katsouros, Maryland

Nancy Verrocchi, Massachusetts

Kim Matushak, Minnesota

Susan Jordan, Minnesota

Amber Walker, Mississippi

Clarissa Bradley, Missouri

Dana Lentz, Missouri

Tesia Buckles, Missouri

Ann Marie Sinica, Nebraska

Tina Cameron, Nebraska

Taylor Talbert, Nevada

Kate Frederick, New Hampshire

Kristen Posso, New Jersey

Takirah Woods, New Jersey

Mary Bissell, New Mexico

Alexia Mavrakes, New York

Armanda Legros, New York

Joyce Gelb, New York

Kendra K. Hoffman, New York

Lori Alicie, New York

Moesha Nance, New York

Siide Gil Frederick, New York

Simone Teagle, New York

Thyais Brown-Newball, New York

Jackie Gray, North Carolina

Jaimie Cole, North Carolina

Meagen Burelli, North Carolina

Nicole Houck, North Carolina

Carlotta Sailer, North Dakota

Liz Lundquist, North Dakota

Blaire Bartish, Ohio

Jocelyn Green, Ohio

Megan Wolfer, Oregon

Erika Lightner, Pennsylvania

Laci Stobert, Pennsylvania

Roberta Corona, Pennsylvania

Pooja Aggarwal, Rhode Island

Kristy Bonoyer, Rhode Island

Jannella Adlien, South Carolina

Jasmine McCray, South Carolina

Natasha Jackson, South Carolina

Shannon McKee Harvey, South Carolina

Tyasia Harris, South Carolina

Wendy Savoca, South Carolina

Crystal Headrick, Tennessee

Erica Tafoya, Tennessee

Hafsa Lodhi, Tennessee

Shakeira Smith, Tennessee

Berenice Cedillo, Texas

Caroline Lajoie, Texas

Erika Flores, Texas

Shiloh Lambert, Texas

Shatilia Garrido, Utah

Farrah Sutton, Virginia

Ciri Ryan, Washington

Jeannette Green, Washington

Kelly Titialii, Washington

Lyn Meyerding, Washington

Malina Hong-Tran, Washington

Serena Meyer, Washington

Amy Clark, West Virginia

Donna Janke, Wisconsin

Kendra Fraher, Wisconsin

Monica Stephenson, Wyoming

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