WEBINAR: Sick Without A Safety Net: The Urgent Need and Case for a National Paid Sick Time Law (3/23)

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As detailed in our new report Sick Without a Safety Net, state and local paid sick leave laws are successfully protecting the economic security of families and the health of the public at large, without negative effects on business. In fact, paid sick leave laws lead to clear benefits and cost savings for employers. However, millions of workers in states without paid sick leave laws are losing out on what should be a fundamental right. Congress has a clear path and mandate to pass the Healthy Families Act, which would for the first time create a permanent, federal right to paid days off from work when sick or caring for a sick loved one.

Join us on Wednesday, March 23rd, at 1pm EST to learn more about the research case for paid sick time, hear more about the firsthand experience of workers without a legal right to paid sick leave, and discuss the state and federal landscape on this urgent and timely issue.

Watch this webinar below:

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