FEDERAL WATCH: The March for Justice and Equality Continues

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A Better Balance’s “Federal Watch” blog series will be responding to developments in Washington, D.C. that seek to roll back women’s rights, workers’ rights, and threaten our core values of fairness and economic security for all families.  We are committed to defending federal laws and policies that have opened the doors to opportunity for millions, as we continue to push for more family-friendly reforms at the state and local level. Join us to stay informed and engaged. 

On Saturday, we joined hundreds of thousands of protesters in Washington, D.C., New York City, Philadelphia, and Nashville, TN, to send a clear message of unity in defense of our core values.  We know many of you marched as well, some traveling a great distance to make your voices heard.  Thank you for taking action and being part of the largest political mobilization in our country’s history!

We return to work today with our spirits buoyed, but well aware that the path of resistance is long.  The beautiful images of women, men, and children marching en masse around the globe have only strengthened our resolve to stand up to injustice, and we hope you will stand with us.  Please take a minute today to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or sign onto our mailing list, so we can update you on ways to stay engaged to advance women’s equality and fairness in the workplace, and build a more family-friendly America.

We will need the energy and enthusiasm of Saturday to endure as we move into the next phase of this movement. This is a marathon, not a sprint, and we must stay strong for each other.

Walk on, Walk on
With hope in your hearts
And you’ll never walk alone
You’ll never walk alone.

March on!

A future voter marching in DC.
Marching in Philadelphia for justice and equality.
Marchers in NYC overflowed the march route, filling the sidewalks and side streets.
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