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The Detention And Inhumane Treatment Of Migrants And Asylum-Seekers Must End

The Detention and Inhumane Treatment of Migrants and Asylum-Seekers Must End

At the core of our mission is the commitment to supporting parents and families as they seek to care for their children and loved ones. Reports of the inhumane treatment that migrants and asylum-seekers are being subjected to at detention centers are horrifying and 100% antithetical to that mission.

Harrowing stories have emerged from children being held in these camps, often separated from their families. They are being deprived of food, water, blankets, clean clothes, and medical care. They are being denied basic sanitation like showers, soap, and toothbrushes. Pregnant and breastfeeding teenagers are among those being forced to sleep on the floor. Mothers, with no access to diapers or clean clothes, are struggling to keep their babies from falling cold and ill. Children are being forced to care for one another and for infants.

We cannot allow this cruelty and injustice to continue. As employment rights advocates, we’ve seen firsthand how our cruel border policies create a climate in which employers and others feel emboldened to take advantage of undocumented workers, and workers are in turn fearful to stand up for their rights at the risk of facing detention and deportation.

As our partners working on the ground to defend immigrants’ rights are advocating for, we need to shut down this unjust, human rights-violating operation immediately and demand that migrants, asylum-seekers, and their children are treated with the dignity and care they deserve.

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