Statement on Attorney General Letitia James’s Report of Investigations Into Allegations of Sexual Harassment by Governor Cuomo

We must condemn all abuses of power and stand in solidarity with those who have bravely shared their stories.
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The following statement can be attributed to Dina Bakst and Sherry Leiwant, Co-Founders and Co-Presidents of national legal advocacy organization A Better Balance:

“We were horrified to read Attorney General James’s recent report confirming that Governor Cuomo abused his power and harassed multiple women over a period of years. The Governor’s Office should be an example to the State of a safe and equitable workplace. Instead, the Governor fostered a toxic and hostile work environment.

First and foremost, we stand with the brave women who came forward to share their stories and hold Governor Cuomo accountable for his actions. We believe you and we are grateful for you.

Over the last several years, Governor Cuomo has signed some of the nation’s most progressive measures into law to protect women and families in the workplace including groundbreaking anti-harassment protections, paid family leave, the women’s equality agenda, and paid sick time. We are proud to have advocated for and championed these groundbreaking initiatives in partnership with the Cuomo administration. We are deeply disappointed to now know that the Governor’s behavior behind closed doors failed to live up to his stated ideals.

The bottom line is the Governor is not above the law and must be held accountable.”

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