Stand Up TN & We Decide Tennessee: State Interference Roundtable

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On January 6, 2021, we’ll be joining Stand Up TN & We Decide Tennessee, among other TN-based partners, for a State Interference Roundtable. Register here and see the event description below.

“In Tennessee, we understand the importance of local people making local decisions. Whether it be affordable housing, wages, or health, we elect local leaders to make decisions that most accurately reflect the unique views, values and needs of each community across the state.We are joining together with local elected officials from across the state to start a conversation around the importance of local decision making! More and more people in Tennessee are starting to feel the negative consequences of restrictive state laws on policies like paid sick leave, local hire agreements, and broadband access. Our local electeds see this first hand!It’s time to see state interference for what is- a corporate strategy that hurts working class families. It’s time for communities across TN to join together and build state and local governments that work for ALL Tennesseans!”

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