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Additional Paid Sick Time Laws

The laws described below are paid sick time laws that are less comprehensive than the laws included in our comprehensive paid sick time laws database.

In November 2013, voters in SeaTac, Washington passed a law that gives certain hospitality and transportation workers a variety of new labor rights, including the right to earn paid sick time (at a rate of 1 hour for every 40 hours worked). Covered employers are required to pay eligible workers a lump sum payment at the end of the calendar year equivalent to the compensation due for any unused compensated time. The law also raises the minimum wage for these workers, gives them a right to keep their tips, and requires hospitality and transportation employers to offer additional hours to part-time workers before they may hire new part-time staff.

In November 2012, the voters of Long Beach, California approved a measure to guarantee a living wage and paid sick time to certain hotel workers in the city. Under the law, hotels with 100 or more rooms are required to pay workers a minimum of $13 an hour (adjusted for increases in the federal minimum wage or cost of living) and allow workers to earn a minimum of 5 paid sick days a year.

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