Promoting Family Economic Security for Mothers Through New Landmark Federal Laws (6/21, with March of Dimes)

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On Thursday, June 21st at 4:00 PM EST, A Better Balance will be joining March of Dimes for a conversation on the implementation of two landmark federal bills, the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act and the PUMP for Nursing Mothers Act, and how they will benefit moms and babies.

Pregnant and lactating workers have historically faced workplace discrimination that put them at risk of losing their jobs and facing negative health consequences. In December 2022, Congress passed two bipartisan landmark bills that will promote maternal and infant health as well as economic security for families. Listen in as we discuss the benefits and requirements of the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA), which will provide reasonable accommodations like water breaks and limiting heavy lifting, and the Providing Urgent Maternal Protections (PUMP) for Nursing Mothers Act, which provides for break time and private space for lactation.

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