Pregnant and Parenting Students: Our Free and Confidential Legal Helpline is Here to Support You

We're thrilled to announce that our helpline has expanded its capabilities to assist pregnant and parenting students!

We are thrilled to announce that our free and confidential work-family legal helpline has expanded its capabilities: Our attorneys are now available to assist pregnant, recently postpartum, lactating, and parenting students at any education level, including high school and college students. Students can contact us for help in exercising their rights to be free from discrimination at school and to access accommodations for pregnancy, childbirth, lactation, or related conditions. 

As we strive to ensure all workers can balance attending to their health and caregiving needs with their economic security, supporting young workers, and, in particular, students on the cusp of entering the workforce, is critical in helping the workers of today and tomorrow meet their educational goals and thrive throughout their careers. 

Pregnant and postpartum students often need accommodations and supportive services to be able to stay in school and learn free from discrimination and harassment. For example, students may need assignment extensions or excused absences for pregnancy-related health needs like nausea or to attend prenatal appointments. Others may need breaks during class to express milk or to use the restroom. And other students may need a larger desk, protective gear to allow them to continue attending chemistry lab, or the right to eat a snack during class.

We know that supporting pregnant and parenting students in their studies can help them excel in school, meet their professional development goals, and lay the foundation for a more equitable experience in the workforce, and we are excited to help students access the resources they need to learn.

We encourage you to share our palm card with updated information about our helpline with the students in your life, and to invite students in need of assistance accessing accommodations at their schools to call us at 1-833-NEED-ABB or contact us here.

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