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It’s National Work And Family Month, But Work-Life Balance Remains Elusive For Low Wage Workers

It’s National Work and Family Month, But Work-Life Balance Remains Elusive for Low Wage Workers

According to recent data, the gap between the richest and poorest U.S. households is the largest it’s been in 50 years. This means that low income workers across the country are being left behind despite economic growth, too often struggling to make ends meet with a scarcity of time to care for themselves and their families. 

So this National Work and Family Month, let’s demand justice and work-life balance for low income families. Policies like paid leave, paid sick, pregnancy accommodations, paid personal time, and flexible scheduling are crucial for low wage workers especially, who are far less likely to receive these benefits, despite higher economic stakes. We also need to raise the federal minimum wage, which has remained stagnant for 10 years amidst rising costs of living. 

We’re proud to work for these policies on the federal, state, and local level, and, as more and more of these laws are passed, to ensure that workers know their rights and are empowered to exercise them, through our free, confidential legal helpline (1-833-NEED-ABB). 

So here’s to everyone who has ever gone back to work just days after giving birth, or attended work while sick, or made financial sacrifices to care for a loved one, or chosen between a parent-teacher conference and a paycheck. We see you and you deserve support! 

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