Everyone Deserves the Right to Rest & Recover: Announcing Our Partnership with Theraflu

We’re sick of workers working sick, which is why we’re partnering with Theraflu for their Right to Rest & Recover campaign to highlight the need for a federal right to paid sick time.
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We at A Better Balance have long recognized the importance of access to paid sick days, which allow individuals to take time off work to recover from illnesses or care for sick loved ones without losing wages and sacrificing their economic security. When workers can take the time they need to attend to their health needs or those of a loved one, it’s beneficial for families, businesses, the economy, and public health.

While we have seen heartening progress through state and local paid sick time policies in recent years, more than 28 million workers in the U.S. across dozens of states still lack access to even a single paid sick day. According to a recent survey sponsored by Theraflu and conducted by Wakefield Research, 69% of employed people in the U.S. have worked while sick instead of taking the day off to rest and recover in the past year. The data shows that this issue also disproportionately impacts the workers of today and tomorrow – younger workers feel more pressure to work while sick, with 85% of Gen Z reporting that they worked at least one day when they were sick in the past year, compared to half of the Boomer/Silent generation.

Without a national paid sick time program, too many workers are forced to choose between their economic security and taking the time they need to recuperate. We’re sick of workers working sick, which is why we’re partnering with Theraflu for their Right to Rest & Recover campaign to highlight the need for a federal right to paid sick time. Together we are working to champion paid sick time legislation with a federal petition in support of the Healthy Families Act, and to raise awareness for Theraflu’s Rest and Recover Fund, which reimburses eligible applicants without paid sick time for the cost of taking one unpaid sick day. We’re also working to ensure all individuals are aware of their existing local and state paid sick time protections through our Workplace Rights Hub

“We believe the ability to rest and recover when sick should be a right, not a privilege. The unfortunate reality is that far too many hardworking people in America do not have access to paid sick time,” said Pam Remash, Marketing Director, Cough Cold Flu Brand Portfolio at Haleon. “With our Right to Rest & Recover initiative now in its third year, we are continuing our efforts to champion for the right to rest and recover and are advocating for policy change in the U.S., so no one feels they have to work while sick. We are fortunate to partner with A Better Balance, an organization on the frontlines of workers’ rights advocacy, to help lead the charge in this initiative.”

“Awareness is one of the important factors when it comes to advancing paid sick time rights, and this partnership with Theraflu will bring much-needed attention to the lack of paid sick time in the U.S.,” said Sherry Leiwant, Co-Founder and Co-President of A Better Balance. “Too often, the gaps in our law require us to make impossible choices between work and caregiving, which can cause economic strain on individuals and their families when they are facing illness. When we value and support workers, our communities and our nation become healthier and stronger. We are proud to partner with Theraflu to continue to raise awareness and champion change in this space.”

To join us and Theraflu in the fight to make rest a right, visit to sign the petition and support national paid sick time rights in the U.S. and learn your specific rights as a worker in your state. You can also apply for a chance to receive a microgrant through Theraflu’s Rest & Recover Fund to cover the expenses of one unpaid sick day.

We remain committed to winning paid sick time for all workers and will continue to highlight the need for federal policies like the Healthy Families Act, so that nobody is forced to choose between attending to their health needs and their economic security. We are grateful to Theraflu for joining us in calling for these critical protections to make rest a right. 

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