A Better Balance Community Advocate

Lyndi Trischler, Kentucky

Lyndi, a police officer in Kentucky, was pushed off the job when she requested light duty, robbing her of critical income when she needed it most. Because of the heavy equipment and physical demands of patrolling, when Officer Trischler became pregnant she consulted her healthcare provider who recommended she seek light duty. The City told her that its policy was to only give accommodations to employees injured on the job. At five and a half months pregnant, being forced out of work took a deep emotional and economic toll on her and her family. 

Lyndi became an advocate for the Kentucky Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, which passed in 2019. “I returned to work a mere eight weeks after giving birth and after my son passed away. As heartbreaking as this experience was it was made all the worse by having to face workplace discrimination too. If there had been a clear law on the books, then this likely never would have happened.”

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