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ABB Launches New Online Tool For Comparing Paid Sick Time Laws!

ABB Launches New Online Tool for Comparing Paid Sick Time Laws!

A Better Balance is excited to announce our new Interactive Overview of Paid Sick Time Laws in the United States. This new section of our website is an updated, more user-friendly version of our popular paid sick time laws comparison chart. In addition, it is designed to more easily accommodate the ever-growing number of paid sick time laws we are passing at the city, state, and county levels!

This new tool allows you to compare and contrast various paid sick time laws of your choosing and to filter and sort the data about these laws by various factors, such as the accrual rate for earning sick time, the maximum amount of sick time workers can earn, which workers are covered, and more. You can then generate a custom PDF containing your data.

If you’re only interested in one law, you can also easily view individual paid sick time laws by clicking on an individual city, state, or county, with the option of exporting the information about that law as a PDF.

And last but not least, you can also export the entire database of information about all paid sick time laws in a single PDF.

If you are a worker and have questions about your rights with respect to sick time, feel free to call our free and confidential legal helpline at 1-833-NEED-ABB. If you are an advocate and have questions about these laws, you can call our national office at 1-212-430-5982.

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