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Which matters more: your job or your family?

No one should have to choose.

We all hope we can care for our loved ones when they need us the most. Yet for many workers, especially those with the fewest resources, a new baby or seriously ill family member can spell financial ruin. Gaps in our laws leave too many women and families on the brink. It doesn’t have to be this way. A Better Balance leverages the power of the law to ensure that no worker has to make the impossible choice between their job and their family. When all working parents and caregivers have a fair shot in the workplace, our families, our communities, and our nation are healthier and stronger.


FMLA 25: States Are Covering Workers Left Out Of The FMLA

FMLA 25: States are Covering Workers Left out of the FMLA

States are stepping up to fill the gaps by providing job-protected leave to many workers left out of the FMLA. Some states have extended leave to employees of small businesses with less than 50 employees. Other states have reduced the duration and hours worked requirements in their state leave laws, while still others have done away with these requirements completely.
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In Advance Of One Year Anniversary Of Women’s March, A Better Balance Releases New Easy-to-Use Guide To Women’s Rights At Work

In Advance of One Year Anniversary of Women’s March, A Better Balance Releases New Easy-to-Use Guide to Women’s Rights at Work

Written by A Better Balance’s team of top women’s rights and civil rights lawyers, The Working Woman’s Pocket Guide offers an easy-to-use list of resources and answers to pressing issues New York women still face in the workplace.
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