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Tools and Resources for Paid Sick Time Campaigns

Model Laws

This model legislation would establish a general right to paid sick and safe time, including leave for a public health emergency. 

Please note that drafting a paid sick time policy requires state-specific research, analysis of underlying state and/or local law and consideration of complex policy issues. Please contact us at [email protected] or regarding more information on how to adapt or customize this model.

Fact Sheets/Studies




Economic Security


LGBT and HIV/AIDS Communities

  • Click here for our numerous fact sheets and resources on paid leave and the LGBT and HIV/AIDS communities.
  • Is your campaign interested in developing paid sick time fact sheets for the LGBT and HIV/AIDS communities? A Better Balance is available to help! Please get in touch with us at 212-430-5982 for more information.

The Business Case for Paid Sick Time

Organizing Resources

Ideas for Actions

Flyer Examples


Blueprint for a Regional Work-Family Strategy

Social Media

Polling Data

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