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Theraflu Rest and Recover Fund

A Better Balance is partnering with Theraflu to raise awareness about the importance of the right to rest and recover when sick.

To help offset the lost wages families sacrifice by taking time off from work to recover and care for loved ones when they don’t have paid sick time, Theraflu created the Rest & Recover Fund in 2021. Theraflu’s Rest & Recover Fund is a small step to help alleviate financial hardship for workers without access to paid sick time. This cold and flu season, Theraflu has committed $300,000 — distributed via individual $200 microgrants — to cover one day of unpaid sick leave for those in need.


Who is eligible? 

  • Anyone without access to paid sick time through their employer is encouraged to apply for the microgrant so they can rest and recover without worry.

What are the grant details & eligibility requirements? 

  • Grant + eligibility details:
    • Grants are $200
    • Open to all legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, who are 18 years of age or older as of date of entry
    • Must be employed and not receive paid sick time through your employer
    • Applications will be accepted through March 10, 2024
    • Applications will be accepted in English and Spanish
    • You may only enter once for a chance to receive a grant
    • An individual can only be a recipient of one grant
    • Winners will be selected randomly from eligible applicants on a monthly basis in November and December 2023, and on a weekly basis January-March 2024. Eligible applicants who are not selected will automatically roll into the next random selection period for a chance to receive a grant

Disclaimer: This grant is solely administered by Theraflu. A Better Balance cannot assist with drafting grant applications and does not have authority to decide who receives grants. Grant applications are assessed, reviewed, and administered solely by Theraflu.

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