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Know Your Rights At Work: New State-by-State Guide For Breastfeeding Parents

Know Your Rights at Work: New State-by-State Guide for Breastfeeding Parents

This National Breastfeeding Month, A Better Balance is “pumped” to launch two new initiatives to support nursing parents.

The first, “Talking to Your Boss About Your Pump,” is a state-by-state guide, created in partnership with WorkLife Law, that includes everything from practical tips for how to talk to your boss about breastfeeding accommodations to your legal protections to mapping out a plan for your needs at work.

We are also thrilled to join our partners at the United States Breastfeeding Committee, American Civil Liberties Union, and WorkLife Law, in launching a new webinar series, Breastfeeding Works, which will cover a range of topics on how best to support breastfeeding parents. The inaugural webinar Breastfeeding Works: How To Support Nursing Employees and Students, will take place today at 3 PM ET, and will give health care and lactation-support providers the information and tools they need to counsel breastfeeding workers and students.

And, as always, A Better Balance is here for each and every person with questions or concerns about their breastfeeding rights at work. If your employer is giving you a hard time about breastfeeding or you have any questions about the law in your state, call our free, confidential legal hotline at (212) 430-5982.

Returning to work after having a child can be a big transition, especially if you are breastfeeding. A Better Balance is here to make sure you have the right tools, information, and guidance to make that transition as comfortable and smooth as possible.

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