Creating a Culture of Care

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Whether it’s with flowers, chocolates, or a heartfelt card, Valentine’s is a day to tell our loved ones how much they mean to us.  But love, and care, are not exclusive to this day.  We all benefit from family and friends who sustain us year round—often without fanfare. In many cases, their generosity is not only invisible but also undervalued by our society.

A Better Balance was founded on the idea that we should all be able to care for the ones we love when they need us the most.  And we should not have to sacrifice our economic security to provide that care.  We have spent over a decade fighting for those ideals, and elevating care in our public discourse and policy so that the labor of love is supported, as it should be. This includes pushing for workplace leave laws that cover all types of familial relationships, including extended families and chosen families.  Americans rely on a broad array of loved ones for support in their time of need, and as a country, we still need to do more to support those caregivers.

At a time when we are frequently reminded of what divides us, rather than what unites us, the call to elevate care is all the more urgent.  None of us would survive, let alone thrive, without support from others.  So, take a moment today to recognize those whose love has nourished you, and then tomorrow, and every day thereafter, join us demanding more respect, fairness, and support for all caregivers.

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