High Water Women: Women of Action (7/14)

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On Wednesday, July 14th from 5:00-6:30 p.m. EDT, we will be joining High Water Women for their virtual event, A CALL TO ACTION: COVID-19 — Women are the Biggest Losers? Let’s Build Back Better!

This networking event will feature a panel of women taking action in the halls of government, in boardrooms and in their investment portfolios, including Kristin Hull from Nia Global Solutions, Julie Tanner from Christian Brothers Investment Services, and ABB Co-Presidents Dina Bakst and Sherry Leiwant.

Women were among the biggest losers in this pandemic. Daily headlines tell the story: 4.5 million fewer women working today than in 2019, laid off, fired, pushed out or leaving voluntarily in the “she-cession”, closing their businesses at record levels, and leaving the workforce voluntarily or not. Come hear from these extraordinary women and brainstorm actions and solutions.

Register here for this event.

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