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We Applaud The Passage Of Paid Sick Leave Legislation In Colorado

We Applaud the Passage of Paid Sick Leave Legislation in Colorado

— Against the backdrop of a public health crisis, SB 20-205 (the “Healthy Families and Workplaces Act”) will provide critical paid sick leave protections to workers across Colorado —

Denver, CO (June 15, 2020) — This afternoon, the Colorado General Assembly passed SB 205, which will guarantee that workers across the state can earn a modest amount of paid sick leave. The bill will allow workers to care for themselves or a family member when sick or experiencing domestic abuse or sexual assault. Colorado joins 12 states, Washington D.C., and dozens of cities in establishing a basic legal right to paid sick time.

A Better Balance (ABB) is a national legal advocacy organization with staff in Colorado, New York, Tennessee, and Washington D.C. ABB is dedicated to promoting fairness in the workplace and helping workers to meet the conflicting demands of work and family. In addition to its on-the-ground work on paid sick time issues in Colorado, ABB has national legal and policy expertise on paid leave.

“Colorado has now joined the growing number of cities and states across the country that have passed a basic and modest right to paid sick time,” said A Better Balance Vice President Jared Make, who is based in Colorado. “The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the critical need for this legislation, since workers who lack paid sick time are much more likely to go to work sick and spread illness to colleagues and community members.”

“Governor Polis has led on paid sick leave by providing temporary, emergency paid sick time during the COVID-19 pandemic through his Health Emergency Leave with Pay (HELP) Executive Order. A permanent right to paid sick leave is the next step, especially since research around the country shows that paid sick time laws work well for employees, employers, and the larger community,” he added. “Once signed into law, SB 205 will ensure that Coloradans are protected as COVID-19 continues to spread and prepared for any future public health emergencies. A Better Balance commends the leadership of the bill sponsors and Governor Polis, and looks forward to seeing this essential public health measure become law.”

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