Take Action: Tell Congress We Need Bold, Inclusive Paid Leave for All

We urgently need your help pushing Congress to enact a national paid family and medical leave program as part of a budget reconciliation package!
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As you read this, Congress is considering enacting a national paid family and medical leave program as part of a budget reconciliation package. We need your help to make sure that bold, comprehensive, and inclusive paid leave is part of that package!

It is urgent that Congress receives the message that the American public is demanding a comprehensive paid leave program now that includes:

  • Twelve weeks of leave for bonding with a new child, caring for a seriously ill loved one, caring for one’s own medical needs, or addressing the impact of military deployment.
  • Coverage for all workers.
  • An inclusive definition that recognizes all families, so workers can use their leave to care for any of their closest loved ones.
  • Strong anti-retaliation protections, so workers can exercise their rights without fear of losing their jobs.
  • Strong wage replacement.

At A Better Balance, we continue to hear every day from workers across the country who are struggling to balance protecting their health, caring for their children and other loved ones, and staying afloat economically. But we have a real opportunity right now to build back better with meaningful change. This is a chance that may not come again so we need all hands on deck to make this happen.

It is up to us all to ensure our elected officials hear our voices as we demand better for working families. Join us TODAY in telling Congress to prioritize paid leave for all.

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