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Workplace Equality and Fair Pay

Family Status and Caregiver Discrimination

Parents and others caring for family members deserve fair treatment on the job. Read more about legal protections that exist to prevent discrimination based on family status.

Fair Pay

Over 50 years since equal pay became the law of the land, women still earn on average a fraction of every dollar earned by their white, male counterparts. Read more about state and federal policies aimed at erasing the wage gap.

Domestic Workers’ Rights

Valuing caregiving requires valuing the work of those who provide care to our families in our homes. These workers deserve the same quality of legal protections and workplace standards as workers whose labor happens outside the home. Read more about domestic workers rights on the job.

Direct Care Workers’ Rights

Direct care workers provide support and services to millions of older Americans and individuals with disabilities.  Their work is essential to the health and independence of those in need of care but has too often been excluded from labor law protections. Read more about new federal rules to protect direct care workers.

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