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Kin Care Laws

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In 2010, only 58% of the private sector workforce had access to paid sick days. Among those lucky enough to have time off for illness, only 30% are allowed to use that time to care for sick children.  Ten states (California, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin) and the District of Columbia have passed laws that enable workers to use their accrued sick leave or other paid leave to care for a sick family member.  These laws, often referred to as “kin care” laws, help to fill in the gaps of the Family Medical Leave Act, by providing paid time off to care for family. In 2013, the Minnesota Legislature expanded the state’s kin care law to include a broader list of family members, and the governor signed the bill into law! For more information on state kin care laws, check out our know-your-rights database

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