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Parental Involvement in Education

Educators, researchers, and elected officials all agree that children benefit when parents are involved in their education. Yet many parents find it extremely challenging to arrange for attendance at their child’s school events and parent-teacher meetings due to the time…

Right to Request Flexible Work

While workplace flexibility has been shown to benefit both workers and employers, many employees simply cannot request changes regarding when and where they work without fear of stigma. Employees who seek flexible work arrangements are more likely to receive lower…

Fair Work Schedules

Nearly 70 percent of early career low-income workers cannot change their scheduled start or stop time if needed. The great majority of retail workers in New York City receive a week or less of advance notice of their schedules, and…

Fair & Flexible Work

Fair Work Schedules Workers in retail and other service sectors nationwide increasingly face abusive scheduling practices that make it nearly impossible for them to manage their family responsibilities. Read more about solutions to the problem of abusive scheduling.

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